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Lipstick Hidden Knife

Lipstick Hidden Knife

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This Self Defense Lipstick Hidden Knife is just the perfect tool you need to have in your pocket or purse/handbag. The size is just 2.75 inches and deserves a place in your self defense arsenal. Looks like real lipstick, no one would recognize it to be a knife. 

This Self Defense Lipstick Hidden Knife works on a twist mechanism. You can twist to deploy the blade. The small blade has a hawkbill style. Yes, it is a powerful hawkbill blade which can also be used for cutting purposes. 

This Self Defense Lipstick Hidden Knife has a molded lipstick handle. The overall size is less than 3 inches. In addition, the blade is just 1 inch, making it incredibly small. One of the best and lethal tools for self defense.


  • Works like a normal lipstick case - just twist to deploy the blade

  • 2.75 inch overall length

  • 1 inch hawkbill blade

  • Molded lip-stick handle

Care Information

Wash in Cold Water and Air Dry for Best Results

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