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Grab Bags

Grab Bags

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In each scoop you may get a golden egg and any of the following to be packaged in a Make-Up Bag:

  • Plush Keychain

  • Lip Gloss or Lip Oil

  • Handmade Wristlet

  • Beauty Blender

  • Spa Headband

  • Sleep Mask

  • Lashes

  • Press-On Nails

  • Croc Charms

  • Hair Claw or Hair Clips

  • Bracelet

  • Scrunchie

  • Lanyard

  • Hair Ties

  • Headband

  • Lip Mask or Eye Mask

Each Golden Egg will include a Safety Item: Self Defense Keychain, Safety Bundle, Kitty Knuckle, Pepper Spray, Key Knife, Pen Knife, Off White Wristlet or Comb Knife.

Care Information

Wash in Cold Water and Air Dry for Best Results

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